(Tree6DNoScope’s) Election Post (August 2019)

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    Common sense . That's it.


    This server has many issues that any player can list off. Any player can say that they specialize in any of these areas or how they have grandiose plans to give every player a unicorn and 20,000 kr. When you sift through the drivel and get down to the actual actions, you will find that most people in parliament tend to do very little. This is for one main reason, most MP's don't have long term plans. They tend to try and push everything very quickly and either succeed or fail. Most members of parliament "leave" after the first week.

    I cannot claim to have any magic bullet solution to all of the server's problems. But I'm sensible and here for the long haul. I personally want to make edits to poorly written bills (The Sherlock Accords is the main one), and have a few potential areas to add money into the economy without increasing inflation. Other than that, I make good decisions. I'm sensible. You can make a sensible choice.

    Use common sense - Vote for Tree6DNoScope
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    good luck :}
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    Gl tree :D
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    Good luck!