The Phoenix Foundation - Information


The Turtle Master

Ferngrove2004: CEO, Founder

Shiprah - CCO, CMO, Founding Member
Sacervir: Operational Consultant
The Phoenix Foundation is a company dedicated to the newer player base, offering affordable, quality living and shop stall rental. We also supply foods and other supplies at cheap pricing Currently we have only one location in Covington, but sometime in the future we may expand to other towns/cities.


We have a safe, hassle-free environment with fully furnished apartments and interactive staff that are more than willing to help if you /message them with questions.​
1. Do not hassle other tenants
2. Please leave the apartment with all of the furniture it began with when you leave!
3. Landlord retains the right to evict if needed.
4. Don't forget to read the BC renter rules ;)
5. Be respectful!​


The Phoenix Foundation Apartments and Mall : Covington

Credit to BlogworldExpo for the pic ;)
Coords: -371 66 3365
Are you searching for a cheap apartment in Covington? Look no further than the Phoenix Foundation Apartment Complex and Mall, with beautiful apartments, and lovely shops, this location is prime in Covington. Prices range from 25kr for thirty days for regularly sized apartments, to 30kr for thirty days for the suites. Only 20kr for a mall shop! We also sell foods for 1$ on the fourth floor of the building, if you need affordable foods, but take no more than you need~

We are currently not hiring, but in the future we may begin looking for new talent, and as we begin the search, we will add job descriptions and what you need to do to apply as well as the terms of service.

Feel free to ask your questions below!