Bill: Pending The Inadequate Mayors Act

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  1. DerpGaming20_YT

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    Nov 30, 2017
    - Title: The Inadequate Mayors Act
    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: With player owned Cities and Towns being a fairly big part of the server, we expect the leadership of the ‘settlement’ to be actively working to improve and expand them. However, when a mayor is unable or unwilling to work on the ‘settlement’, whether from lack of motivation, server inactivity, or any other means, the ‘settlement’ becomes irrelevant on the server, and often inactive. Currently, if this happens to a ‘settlement’, the towns just sit, with little to no activity occurring in the ‘settlement’. The purpose of this bill is to make the issues of mayors deemed unfit to lead less impacting on their ‘settlement’.

    The following will be factors to whether a mayor is unfit to lead their ‘settlement’
    -The mayor is inactive on the server for 2months
    -The city/town does not meet the requirements of the respective settlement types
    -The city/town is seen as having little to no progress
    -A public petition is created to remove the mayor from their mayoral position

    If a mayor of a ’settlement’ is deemed ‘Unfit’ to run their ‘settlement’, they will lose their ‘settlement’. If the ‘settlements’ has a Co-mayor, that individual will receive ownership of the ‘settlement’. If there is a council in that ‘settlement’ and no Co-mayor, the town will transfer to one of the councillors as long as there is proof of the councils existence. The counselor to receive ownership of the town will be decided in one of two ways:
    a)The councillors will decide who will receive ownership of the ‘settlement’.
    b)If the councillors are unable to make a decision within a week of the mayor being deemed unfit to run the town, the Cabinet will choose a counselor to receive ownership of the ‘settlement’.

    However, if the ‘settlement’ has no set council, the ‘settlement’ will be auctioned in a public forums auction held by the DoC.
    -Other Information:
    -The word ‘Settlements’ is representative of official Towns/Cities on the server.
    -If a mayor quits the server and has a Will with their town/city being a part of it, then this bill is overridden by the Will
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    Aug 8, 2018
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