MrSharkie_51's Election Post (February 2019)

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    Apr 29, 2018
    • Your username: MrSharkie_51
    • Your age: 9
    • Your activity on the server: About 3 hours a day if not family is over or School after hours for basketball.
    • When you joined the server: About 7-8 months ago (couldn't find the actual date) Or 3-5 months from the huge crash.
    • Why you think you are suited to be a Member of Parliament: I am an active player, a nice player, an easygoing player and I am really invested in Business Craft because I truly think the players are nice and the owner is amazing because the owner is always coming up with new ideas and plugins. I like the departments my personal favorites is the Health Department and the Police Department because the Health Department is always helping people with their diseases and sicknesses. I like the Police Department because it is helping players by arresting people that deserve it and not just going wild and arresting everyone they want to and letting the whole community kill each other because that is annoying and against the law.
    • What kind of laws would you vote for/against: I personally think all of the laws are perfectly fine for example the Stealing 1st offense is fine because that could be valuable items people have stolen and deserve that punishment.
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