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    <3Karaoke Duos<3
    Ever had the burning desire to sing your heart out over discord voice chat? Good news! Now you finally have a chance to do so in an appropriate setting! Team up with a pal and choose a duet that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats! When everyone has had a chance to sing, all participants and listeners will be invited to judge which duo’s performance was their favorite. But don’t worry! We’re all amateurs here, and voting will be based on how well you and your partner work as a duo, Rather than your musical technique, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. Have fun and hope to see you there!

    <3Date & Time<3
    September 27th
    6:00pm EST

    BC's Discord VC 2

    <3Rules for the Event<3
    No heavily explicit music
    No rude criticism
    BusinessCraft Rules/Laws apply

    First place: k500
    Second place: k250
    Third place: k100
    each member
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