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Information about Elections
  • Elections were first introduced in April 2017, where 5 Members of Parliament were elected for a 2-month term. Starting September 2021, elections for the role of Prime Minister have also been established. From June 2023, the Government system has been re-thought and now we are solely governed by an elected Council of Ministers.
  • Elections occur every 3 months.
  • Every election, the Citizens of Stratham elect the 7 Ministers, one for each Government Department.

Process of the election is outlined in Subsection 2 of the Constitution:
(II) The election of Ministers shall:
(A) Take place every three months beginning on the fourth day of the month and ending on the eighth day of the month.
(B) The period for declaring candidacy shall be held on the fourth and fifth days of the month and shall last forty-eight (48) hours. In this period, players will have to post about their server resume (join date, play time, roles held and timeframe, relevant experience, ideas and policies for the department) by creating relevant campaign threads on the forum and responding to the election post.
(C) The voting period shall be held on the sixth and seventh days of the month and shall last forty-eight (48) hours.
(D) In the election, voters shall vote in 7 separate election threads, one for each Minister, and elect all 7 Ministers individually
(E) The election results must be announced no later than the end of the eighth day of the month.
  1. If there is a tie between two or more candidates, subsequent election(s) will be held to determine which of the two or more candidates will be elected to the Ministerial seat, lasting 24 hours a part until the Minister is chosen.
  2. Elected Ministers are to be sworn in on the tenth of the month, or latest until the fifteenth in-case of temporary incapacity.
(F) If there is only 1 individual running for a Ministerial position, they will automatically be declared as the winner of the election, provided they meet the requirements to run. On the contrary, special election(s) will be organised until the Minister is chosen.

As per the Voting Rights:
(I) In order to be eligible to vote in an election or public referendum, any Citizen must meet the following requirements;
(A) Have a join date of longer than 14 days ago.
(B) Have a minimum of 6 hours of playtime in the past 30 days prior to the start of the election.
(C) Have their Minecraft account linked to the BusinessCraft forums.

NOTICE: If you are caught meddling/rigging an election by using alternate accounts, bribing, threatening, or by any other method you will be banned, either permanently or temporarily, and you will receive a permanent ban on running in any future elections.

Want to read more about our Government? Read the Constitution by clicking here.
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