DerpGaming20_YT’s Election Post (June 2019)

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    Nov 30, 2017
    Who am I?
    Hello, I’m DerpGaming20_YT. Many of you know me, but for those of you who don’t, I am 18 years old and enjoy playing on BusinessCraft whenever I’m on Minecraft. I am active on the server, with over 21 days of total playtime, and am also active on the discord server.

    Why Vote For Me?
    In recent months I have worked with some of our ministers and lower government employees, thinking of new ideas and assisting in editing of ideas which will likely be soon implemented into the server (I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’d just like to thank involved government members for the opportunity to positively impact the server) Now what does this mean as far as what I can bring to parliament? It means I have ideas! I have many ideas to improve the lives of the BusinessCraft player base, both Veteran and New, Rich and Poor, Old and Young players on out great server.

    How Will I Know What Motions Benefit You?
    As I’ve stated above, I am active on both the server and the servers discord server. I am always noticing people complain about issues they see in the server, and I wish I could help bring change, but what can I do without a voice? If I notice many people having issues with a problem, if I can do something about it, I will. No matter who you are, your voice will be heard through me.

    Thank You!
    I thank you all for reading my campaign post for the June 2019 Parliamentary elections. I hope you’d consider me to help I’m creating the laws of the server we all know and love. If you do, remember that by voting for me, your voice will be heard!

    My Previous Election Posts:

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