Bill: Accepted Auctioning of Inactive Player Vault Buildings

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  1. Blitzblaze41

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    Jul 5, 2018
    - Title: Auctioning of Inactive Player Vault Buildings

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    Recently, a motion was created stating that any player who was offline for over a year would have their balances removed and given to the Government. This motion gave me a new idea. Currently, the vault world is very cluttered with buildings. As a staff member, it can be overwhelming trying to find a building for a player when their are so many. There are also a lot of good buildings that have to sit unused because the owner never cam back to retrieve their building. I am proposing that if a player has been offline for over a year and they have a building/s in the vault, it shall be auctioned off on the forums. The money that the final bidder pays for the building would go the the Government. A building may only be auctioned off if approved for auction by the DoC minister. Any buildings belonging to players offline for over a year that are deemed not actionable by the DoC minister will be torn down by the DoC, and the materials will be given to the DoC for future builds. Staff members will be in charge of scanning the vault world every so often looking for buildings that belong to the inactive players. They will then alert the DoC minister when they come across one. Their will be a section on the forums made where all buildings being auctioned will be displayed.

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