Auction: Sold Auction of Fairbanks City


Staff member
Fairbanks City has been repossessed by the Government with the approval of the Parliament due to the owner's inactivity and the city's lack of progress.
The coordinates of the land are x-2833 y63 z-4.
There are around 30 000 blocks and the land is connected via the highway.
Purchasing this will grant you the:
  • Ownership of the new city land, therefore making you the Mayor of the city
  • Allowing you to pick the name of your new city. If you do not, the city will remain being "Fairbanks City"
  • All the buildings/progress already made in the City.

Auction rules:
  • The starting bid is 50 000 Krunas
  • You must bid at least 2 000 Krunas more than the previous bidder
  • You can not withdraw or change your bid
  • The auction ends once 48 hours have passed from the bid of the last bidder
  • Previous Owners/Councillors are not allowed to bid.