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    Mar 4, 2019
    what do we do?
    we are a company that can help with most financial problems. you need a loan? no problem!
    loan rates.
    (these are our base rates you may get smaller loans and longer payoff time but return rates may increase depending on how long of a span your paying us over)

    1,000kr loan, return 1,050kr over a span of two weeks
    2,000kr loan, return 2,090kr over a span of two weeks
    2,500kr loan, return 2,650kr over a span of two weeks
    3,000kr loan, return 3,200kr over a span of two weeks
    4,000kr loan, return 4,300kr over a span of two weeks
    5,000kr loan, return 5,400kr over a span of two weeks
    (anything beyond this point will be rarely given out)
    6,000kr loan, return 6,500kr over a span of two weeks
    7,000kr loan, return 7,750kr over a span of two weeks
    8,000kr loan, return 8,850 over a span of two weeks
    9,000kr loan, return 9,950 0ver a span of two weeks
    10,000kr loan, return 11,000 over a span of two weeks
    (only one loan may be taken out at a time)
    who are we hiring?
    we are currently hiring for all positions except for owner, the base rate for employees is 20kr per 15 minutes (price scales as you climb the ranks)
    what else do we provide to our employees?
    an office space, free drinks, free food, discounts on rooms in the office, free healthcare (when you pay take a screenshot and send it to me on discord)
    what else do we specialize in?
    selling items, mostly crops, and we also do bank accounts
    why should you work here?
    because of all the benefits you get from working here.
    how do you apply?
    msg me on discord triman123#9537
    Thank you for taking your time to read this
    -triman123 (owner of analytIQ)