Denied ZeeOne's application for ranger


Department of Public Affairs
Department of Public Affairs
- In-game name: ZeeOne
- Time-Zone (optional): MST
- Age (optional): Rather not say
- Date joined server: Feb 23 2020
- Current playtime: 3w 21h
- Why you want this job:
I am an extremely active player with skills in terraforming and I know tons of places that constantly get destroyed. On top of that, I know how to find places that may violate animal rights through the f3 menu. I am extremely active and would love to use that to help BC more. I would like to find plots of inactive players so those good spots that are often regioned can be used to more active players. I also always see animals abandoned and would love to help them. I can guarantee if you give me this I will fit in instantly and become one of the best rangers BC has ever seen.
- Additional Information:
I am active everyday but I am most active on weekends.
Thank you for considering!
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Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture
Department of Public Affairs
Agriculture Minister
Deny :


Sorry, your application for Ranger has been denied. You're welcome to reapply for this position in 30 days.


Thank you for applying, however we do not feel that you represent the values that we are looking for in a Ranger at the moment. You may re-apply in 30 days.