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    Mar 23, 2017
    Property Inspectors shall report regions that need to be handled by a staff member for vaulting and eviction purposes. Use the following formats, depending on the case. Please apply the Pending prefix once creating your thread. The thread title should be "<Username>'s Report of <Username>". Example: Koalition's Report of photobooth.

    Rentable Regions (Apartments, Shops, etc.)
    - Region Name:
    - Tenant/Rentee:
    - Reason for Vault Request:
    - Additional Information:

    Purchasable Regions (Plots)
    - Region Name:
    - Owner:
    - Reason for Eviction Request:
    - Image of Building (if eyesore or similar is the reason):
    - Additional Information:

    Staff are obliged to reply within 24 hours. Should there be no response, the Property Inspector may tag certain staff members or bring it up with an Admin+.
    Once a Staffer replies and handles the report (and the report was accurate), the Property Inspector will gain either K50 or K200, depending on the type of report from the Staff using the Government's balance.
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