Important Towns Information


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What is a town?
A Town is basically a less expensive city with more regulations. It will consist of a mayor and any players the mayor wishes to have as their town staff.

What to do once your Application is accepted

On this forum here you are able to create a thread for your town if your town's application is approved by the cabinet. On the thread, you can be creative and make whatever you want for the post. Make sure the thread title is just the name of your town. (i.e if your town name is " If you want some kind of format:
Theme of town, plots open or not, businesses currently in the town, location of town, if you're looking for town staff, goals of your town, pictures of your town (These are just some ideas but you don't have to use them)

Location of Towns:
Areas along the highway will be chosen and laid out by the Department of Construction. Because of these locations, towns cannot become cities and must remain as they are, which is towns. However towns can potentially expand. They cannot expand by a vast amount but determined by the DoC a town can add expansions for k4 per block. The expansion size will be decided by the DoC.
Cities have their own regulations and are typically found further out and not just areas along the highway. That is what towns will be. Your town will be found along highways leading to cities.

What has to be in your town:

Towns must have a gas station (for players traveling along the highways), a pharmacy, and they must contain at least some sort of motel for players to stay at meaning the duration of rent time can be adjusted to x amount of days or remain at 30 if the mayor of the town chooses. The mayor may decide what the rest of the town looks like so long as it meets those requirements, however, there are more restrictions on towns than cities since we are considering them a “less expensive city” Because it cost less.

Restrictions and Regulations:
  • Towns must have a height limit on buildings which is 40 blocks high
  • Road size can be either 3 blocks, 4 blocks or 5 blocks wide per lane
  • Towns are not meant to be (or allowed to be) expanded like cities so the restriction on space is from 10,000 to 15,000 blocks, depending on what you buy.
  • Towns will cost k2 per block meaning the cost of a town could be either 20,000-30,000 krunas
  • You must fill out a form to apply for a town with a format and post it under “Town Applications” and you will be either denied or accepted determined by Cabinet members.