Lawsuit: Adjourned Town of Fort Hamilton vs Sinatra Designs LLC

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  1. Kbooth1102

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    Jun 14, 2019
    Your Honour,

    Unfortunately I have to bring this matter before you in order to have some funds recovered from Sinatra Designs LLC.

    Earlier this year, Fort Hamilton (Prev. Fort Lexford) commissioned Sinatra Designs to build two apartment buildings in the town, as seen in the company thread, albeit outdated:

    "-=Latest Projects=-
    Fort Lexfort Apartment Blocks (2) - Planning Phase "

    The purpose of the buildings were to act as commercial and residential spaces to be rented out to the general public to fund the town. This however was not the case and therefore we had to find other methods of funding.

    This was orchestrated by then Mayor, Johnnyboi12345 and CEO, Sinatra Designs, Frank Sinatra. The agreed amount was K20,000 for materials and K5000 for labour. It was paid in full, as I am told.

    The exterior of one building was completed several weeks after the company was commissioned. After this, all work ceased on the project.
    Capture 1.JPG

    Having spoken on multiple occasions across a period of 3 months with the CEO, the build failed to continue and the CEO agreed that it would be best to refund a total of K15,000 for unfinished work.

    The CEO, who was supportive, advised me to contact the accountant, Germannutdealer, who holds the company's funds. I contacted him, and he suggested that he would finish the build himself to avoid any bad reputation overcoming the company and any future endeavours. I agreed. He then left the only mutual discord we shared, and due to his privacy settings, no one is able to contact him, including the CEO.

    Work has not progressed a week since, and therefore we are again seeking the amount owed plus any compensation that you see fit for the loss of potential profits during this extended time period.

    Frank Sinatra is your best, most active point of contact for the company.

    Communication with Accountant:
    Capture 1.JPG

    Communication with CEO:
    Capture 1.JPG
  2. ferre007_

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    Jun 7, 2017
    @Frank_Sinatra_ is hereby summoned to the court to acknowledge the case. If the Defendant, @Frank_Sinatra_ , does not acknowledge the case as a reply in 2 days, the case will close in the Plaintiff's favor.
    Court Status: This court case is in session and presided by Judge ferre007_

    task the DoJ @bharatj, @Kbooth1102 with contacting and informing the Defendant about this court case.

    I would like to remind all parties involved about the Honesty in Court Law.

    Thank you.
  3. ferre007_

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    Jun 7, 2017

    The Defendant had agreed to build a building and has been paid for it but has failed to do so. Due to this, the Town of Fort Hamilton has lost potential revenue over multiple months.

    The Defendant has not acknowledged this court case so it will default in favor of the Plaintiff. After reviewing evidence provided I have reached a verdict.

    I hereby rule the Defendant @Frank_Sinatra_ CEO of Sinatra Designs LLC as Guilty for not finishing the building and for not giving the refund that was agreed upon. The Defendant will be fined 2500 krunas on top of the 15000 krunas for multiple months of lost revenue.

    The Department of Justice, @bharatj, @Kbooth1102 will be tasked with collecting a total of 17500 krunas from the holder of Sinatra Designs money.

    This court case is now adjourned
    Court Status: This court case is resolved and adjourned by Judge ferre007_