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So you’ve passed the tour guide exam! Good job! Although you have the tag, you aren’t an official tour guide yet. Carefully read through this guide and make your own script from this however you see fit. If you aren’t a fan of writing, feel free to ask another tour guide for their script.

Player Interaction
Player interaction is the core of being a tour guide. A tour guide’s job is to make sure players have an amazing first impression of the server as well as helping new players understand the basics. This all has to be done within the tour.

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 01.02.29.png

When the new player exits the tutorial, you will see the message in the first picture. When a player hits the sign requesting a tour, you will see the message in the second picture. Whenever you see either one, talk with the other tour guides with /tourguide to decide who will do the tour.

If you ask a new player if they would like a tour and they dont respond after the third try, or say no, you say; “Asked [username]” in tourguide chat. If you are the one doing the tour, use the command /tour once you start the tour, this is so we can track people doing tours. You should be using the command for everyone you tour (please do NOT use this command if you are just helping or giving directions).

If you need help with something, feel free to tag tour guides in #government-support or ping @tourguides in the DoPA discord. Anytime a new player joins right as you have to leave, tag tour guides and mention the name of the player that needs the tour.

Frequent Q&A's from Tourguides
What happens if they do not respond when I ask if they would like a tour?
If a player does not respond in the first few minutes of asking if they would like a tour please ask a minimum of three times in either /msg or global chat before dropping it.

What happens if the player kills me?
If the player kills you, remind them once in global chat that unconsented killing is illegal in the city. Alert the police officers online and let them know that it is ok. Ask them if they would like to continue their tour. If they say yes, get back to the last stop as soon as you can and if they kill you again, let the Justice Department know.

What should I do if the player runs away?
Ask them if they would like to continue their tour. If they don’t respond, ask again, and you may move on with your day if they say no or don’t reply.

What do I do if the player disconnects?
If the player disconnects, wait for 5 minutes for them to come back. If they don’t come back within 5 minutes, you’re free to go.

What do I do if another player joins the tour?
If another player joins the tour, continue the tour as normal. You might see some players following in disguises, if this happens, let the new player know that it is another disguised player. If the other player becomes a distraction and they troll, politely ask them to leave and if they refuse, let a staff member know.

If a player is killing you or harassing you/being a disturbance
Tell a police officer, there is a law in place saying they get extra fines/jail time for disturbing a tour.

Before starting a tour, you will ask the new player at spawn if they would like a normal tour or a more in depth one. If they pick a more in depth one, you will use the script provided in the DoPA discord or ask another tour guide for their script. Or feel free to write your own script.

To go from stop to stop, you will simply do /tgstop <player>, and if you are touring multiple players at once, you can /tgstop <player> <player> etc. This tp is instant, so you do not need to worry about a player moving.

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 01.46.19.png

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 01.46.46.png
Please stick to the script; You can modify small things as long as the general message stays the same. We would like for everyone to have the same script, to make sure everyone is saying the correct information.

For every tour you will get 200kr bonus which will be monitored and paid out by the Head/Senior tour guide. They will be paid out every week and there will be an announcement when you get your money.