Hiring Sugar is looking for harvesters

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    Aug 11, 2019
    Hey everyone!

    Sugar is a new company that sells a big amount of sugar canes. I am the owner of this company and recently started building a big sugar canes farm. At it's current size, harvesting the entire farm results in (almost) 1 full double chest.

    I want to hire someone that will expand the farm and harvest sugar canes from it. All harvested sugar canes will be stored at the sugar canes farm or in my shop (4th floor at the mall). Beside working at the farm, you will also have to live at the farm because the sugar canes won't grow unless someone is near them. Housing and required materials will be provided.

    • Live at the farm;
    • Expand the farm when the sugar canes are growing;
    • Harvest the sugar canes when they are fully grown;


    • 75 kruna's per 15 minutes (300 per hour);
    • Loyalty will be rewarded with promotions as the business continues to grow;
    • Free housing near the farm;

    You can apply at my discord server: https://discord.gg/WFxQ4tW
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