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    Hello, This is the place where you’ll find out everything you need and want to know about Solaris Town. Solaris Town is located mid way between Capital City and Ocean Crown City and is a Modern Desert Style town it has approximately 10 Residents or Plot Owners and is managed and maintained by the Town Council. The Town council meets in the town hall to discuss rules and think of ways to improve the Town overall.

    Town Council:
    Mayor~ Krix
    Deputy Mayor~ Vacant (Appointed)
    Councillor~ Matty707
    Councillor~ Vacant
    Constructor~ Vacant
    Constructor~ Vacant

    Application Template:
    Playtime & Join Date:
    Age (Optional):
    Do you have discord if yes what is your discord?:
    Can you speak via discord if you have discord?:
    How active can you be?:
    Do you have any skills? if so what are your skills?:
    Do you currently own a plot in the Town?:
    (Post Applications Below)

    The Town was founded on the 11th of July 2018 by Krix,Pendingname,Alyaja and CarmelFox
    shout out to any of the founding members!

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