Palm Bay Is Finally Opening?

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    Mar 4, 2018
    Opening of Palm Bay
    Hello people of BusinessCraft, after owning the city for months, I am happy to finally announce that the city of Palm Bay will be officially opening!

    Saturday, June 15 at 5PM EST

    Of course, at Palm Bay but anyone who attends is free to roam around the city as they please.

    How Can I Get To Palm Bay?
    There are currently two organized ways to get to the city, either through the highway that gets to Palm Bay through Covington, or the airport that just recently opened (though some of the airport is still closed for renovation). Although if you really felt like it, you could painstakingly drag yourself through the wilderness.

    There will be free food and drinks, as well as a couple of extra things that will remain a surprise until the opening day itself. We will have music playing in VC2 on the day we open. If you were looking to buy a plot, and there aren't any left, don't worry because we plan on expanding very soon. Expect more posts soon, and we hope to see you there.​