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    Palm Bay Information:
    Hello everyone, Palm Bay is a city that we intend to turn into the nicest city on the server. Now by nicest, I don't mean cheapest or most spacious. I mean the highest quality and widest variety of attractions and just things in general.

    Palm Bay Building Rules:
    1. Builds must be modern (we may make some exceptions, please DM for more info)
    2. In the central city, builds may not exceed 50 blocks in height
    3. The city reserves the right to evict anyone who does not meet building standards
    4. Currently there is no stringent theme to follow, however try to keep it a modern
    5. Do not merge plots without permission from the mayor to do so
    6. Farms must be aesthetically pleasing when above ground (will be determined by the mayor) or out of sight

    Plans for the city:
    So, Palm Bay is a city with massive plans for expansion. Some of the plans that we are currently planning and working on (to be done in the near future) include:
    - Aquarium (once 1.13 comes out)
    - Port/harbor on the north side of the city
    - Suburbs
    - Shopping district with canal

    What Makes Palm Bay Different?
    For one, the city doesn't just focus on making more and more plots. We value the natural landscape and as you all can see when you visit the city, we spend a lot of money for public spaces. Since public spaces cost so much to build, the plots may be slightly more expensive, but don't worry, it's still worth the cost. Another thing that makes us different is the opportunities we give for individuals and businesses. If there is something you feel like you can locate in Palm Bay and it would benefit the city, then let us know and we will either help you with the project, cut down your costs of land, or work something else out. In Palm Bay, there are many potential business ventures just waiting to be used!

    Have any questions? Please feel free to contact me through DMs.

    Current planning maps:


    Red = Roads
    Black = Plot outline

    Ambitious city plan-

    Environmental- Parks
    Industrial- Factories and production facilities
    Suburbs- Luxurious housing
    Central City- Early parts of the city
    CBD- Central Business District (Downtown)
    Port/Harbor- Ships (potentially a yacht club)
    Farming District- Farms
    Old City- Medieval themed area meant to be an attraction with details on the medieval history of the city
    CC & S- Convention center and stadium
    Entertainment- Movie studios, theaters, shops, restaurants, etc.

    Thank you everyone for your patience and we hope to see you sometime in the city!
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    Looks good :)
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    Palm Bay City? More like Palm Yay City
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    More like Palm Nay City.