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    - Suggestion Title: Multiple Realistic Plugin Additions Suggestions
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    Before I go on any further, I would like to say this is an extremely long post containing all the plugins that I think will be positive to futher enhance realism in the server.

    #1 [1.13] TreeGravity
    The current system of chopping down a tree requires you to break every single log, and I don't believe that is realistic at all considering in real life, the tree would fall over. Luckily this plugin fixes this in a few different ways:

    1. Lumberjack Classic - Break one log and the entire tree falls down! The number of logs on the tree are dropped in a stack at your feet.
    2. Lumberjack Natural - Break one log and the entire tree falls down, but each log breaks naturally.
    3. Lumberjack Random - Same as Classic, but the number of logs dropped will be 20% more or less than how many were actually on the tree (so if a tree had 10 logs, 8 to 12 will be dropped).
    4. Gravity - Break a log and any logs directly above it fall like sand/gravel. Warning: This method can't distinguish between logs on a tree or player placed logs. See Update 3.0.0 for a temporary solution.

    But I believe the most realistic option would be the "Lumberjack Natural" where if you break one of the logs of a tree, the whole tree falls down but every single log breaks naturally.

    #2 MCRealistic
    Some things in general for MC could be more realistic, this plugin has a lot of additions that can enhance player's experience, from building supports to getting people to sleep.

    Here is a list of things that should be considered to enable in this plugin:

    WeatherAffectsPlayer - This is simply additional effects for when you are in rain or snow, that you feel cold.
    Fatigue system - Here is how it works first:
    When the players mine blocks, break blocks, and does certain actions, her/his fatigue goes up. The limit is 250. When a player's fatigue reaches 250, the player can't perform certain actions, like breaking a block or placing a block.... Until he or she gets some sleep in a nice and comfortable bed!
    I have mixed views on this, I would love for sleep to have an actual purpose then just skip the night, but also it could be a little inconvienient.
    Trails - When walk in sand, dirt etc. you leave behind a trail in real life, this can be toggleable for certain types of surfaces and what kind of trail it leaves behind.
    Stamina - You can't do everything without a break in real life, otherwise the world would look very different haha, I have mixed views on this as well, on one hand it could be realistic but it can be inconvienent.
    Building Supports - In real life I don't think blocks just float in mid air during construction of buildings, this feature adds building supports.
    Here is an extract from the plugin page itself:

    "If you place the building support it will not fall down, and then you can place regular blocks on the building support, and break the building support, and the blocks will not fall down."

    The building support blocks are defined in the configuration file, you can change or add blocks to act as building supports.

    #3 GPS
    I believe the plugin page describes how this works perfectly, so here is an extract from the plugin page:

    Warping around the world/spawn is ordinary and extremely boring. It leaves everything you have built unwatched and unappreciated resulting in wasted time / wasted money spent on builders and makes your server dull. Using the GPS allows your players to explore your server as they go, and discover all the characteristics that make your server unique and intriguing. Guided by a completely customizable arrow, which is not created from boring particles, you, and your players, always know exactly where to go. Setting up the GPS is extremely easy and straightforward. With the in-game GPS configurator, you are free from messing around with clumsy yml files and having to fiddle around with misconfigurations due to typos and indentation errors. All points and connections are observable via particles whenever the configurator is enabled.

    I believe this is needed as it is a good method to get rid of most city warps, it also can be treated as if you're asking for directions on your phones, it is really easy to setup and the arrows make it extremely convienient for players to get around. In the future we could even add street names and house addresses! This plugin also comes with a compass that can point in the directions of coordinates, this is like Google Maps just minusing the proper route. This can also be used to find players more easily. Again, this can be treated as if if it a mobile app.

    #4 Pulse Health and Tint Health
    The reason these two plugins are under one heading is because these two work perfectly, along with full compatiablility with 1.13.x, In real life I am pretty sure you have some kind of sign that you are nearly dead, and with these two plugins you have clear visible signs showing you need to take care of yourself.

    Pulse Health adds heatbeats which go faster when you are closer to death. The plugin allows you to use a note block sound, but otherwise has a better sound that can be toggled via one command. Tint Health adds a blood screen effect around the end of the screen, to see how it looks check out the plugin page.

    These two plugins work side by side, and soon will be merged.

    #5 GTzDoors Double Doors and Door Knock
    This plugin allows players to open double doors, multiple trapdoors, and knock on any door & trapdoor, all in one click. I find opening multiple trapdoors in one click not realistic but thankfully you can remove the permissions for that.

    This plugin is not only cool but useful too, as it will notify the home owner / building owner that there is a visitor and adds to the realistic roleplay as well as saving you from typing "knock, knock".
    - Does this require the installation of a new plugin (Yes/No): Yes
    - If you answered Yes on the previous question, please link the plugin (Leave blank if you answered No):

    [1.13] TreeGravity

    MC Realistic


    Pulse Health & Tint Health

    GTzDoors Double Doors and Door Knock

    - Additional Information:

    All these plugins are 1.13 compatiable, a spreadsheet from Spigot shows this, click here

    Thank You so much for reading this, I really would love some feedback, suggestions, improvements, constructive critisism etc. New plugins will be added and the thread will be bumped when it does! (Unless this has been answered.)