Hiring Hamilton 10: Business Rankings (November)

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    Hamilton Analytica proudly presents the Hamilton 10: Business Rankings.

    The list is based off the Fortune 500. Candidate businesses were required to submit their credentials to participate. The final result is a compilation of all candidate businesses, thus not entirely representative of the server as a whole due to the businesses that abstained.

    The Hamilton Industries executive panel evaluated and analysed all entries. Businesses were ranked according to their net worth, as estimated and adjusted by the panel.

    The net worth was calculated through the value of business financial and non-financial assets, minus business debt.

    Evaluations were checked to ensure that assets were closely aligned with actual worth rather than speculatory potential worth. The panel took into consideration multiple factors during adjustment, and consulted with impartial evaluators to ensure fairness and accuracy.

    The Top 10:

    10. International Business Craft Company


    Estimated net worth: K54,000

    It's main competition is with Lumens Credit Union and newly founded Bank of Covington. IBC shares are proving to be highly sought after, which has seen a swing in the market recently. The bank however is still appearing to be relying on investors rather than loan profits.

    Owner(s): CatchEmAll1
    CEO: Supersuperking
    Discord: https://discord.gg/whskVAu
    Forum thread: https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/ibc-banks.5086/

    9. World Business Conglomerate


    Estimated net worth: K60,000

    WBC has a host of assets and subsidiaries such as Ultima Supply. The opening of the latter forecasts a good quarter ahead. A large amount of its value is concerned with it's stock.

    Owner(s): _info_
    Discord: N/A
    Forum thread: N/A

    8. Catch Corporation


    Estimated net worth: K65,500

    Supplying BusinessCraft with building materials. Catch Corporation has several assets, however is again comprised largely with it's stock value.

    Owner(s): CatchEmAll1
    Discord: https://discord.gg/shVAxCF
    Forum thread: N/A

    7. Royal Atlantis Resorts


    Estimated net worth: K100,000

    A resort complex adjacent to spawn, comprising of a popular casino and commercial and residential spaces. It's recent renovations and casino activity provide a good outlook for growth.

    Owner(s): Codes320
    Discord: https://discord.gg/uheXQ2Q
    Forum thread: N/A

    6. Happy Incorporated


    Estimated net worth: K275,000

    Happy Incorporated boasts an impressive list of assets and facilities. The business consists of multiple subsidiaries.

    Owner(s): A1phaSniper
    Discord: N/A
    Forum thread:
    https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/happycars.4266/ https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/happy-inc-real-estate-agency.2079/ https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/bunker-tec.2895/

    5. Pentagon


    Estimated net worth: K300,000

    Pentagon is a private military company that boasts multiple high value assets around Fort Hamilton, and in Business City. It recently suffered an asset oss which resulted in the decine in net worth.

    Chief of Pentagon: Bharatj
    Discord: https://discord.gg/B8zxQ5Z
    Forum thread: https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/pentagon.5801/

    4. Hamilton Industries


    Estimated net worth: K600,000

    A conglomerate comprising of several subsidiaries. It's main impact on the server has been the popular mall development near the capitol building. Additionally it's ownership of Fort Hamilton has seen it change from business oriented to industrial orientation.

    Owner(s): Jaynormous, Kbooth1102
    Discord: https://discord.gg/K3nW2uU
    Forum thread: https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/hamilton-industries.5831/

    3. Bank of Covington Corporation


    Estimated net worth: K1,300,000

    The newest bank on the block has a large portfolio of wilderness, capitol, and of course, Covington real estate.

    Owner(s): ferre007_ & megasigge
    Discord: https://discord.gg/8v5uPts

    2. Blue Industries

    Estimated net worth: K3,700,000

    A large conglomerate that consists of many subsidiaries. The company has ties with the Meridian Corporation. It's future looks strong as it begins a joint project with the latter.

    Owner(s): Bharatj
    Discord: N/A
    Forum thread: https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/blueflamecorp.2048/

    1. Meridian Corporation


    Estimated net worth: K4,000,000

    No surprises here! The Meridian Corporation recently celebrated it's one year anniversary of operations. However, it was adversely affected by the emerald trading nerf, it looks to rebound from the hiatus with new acquisitions.

    Owner(s): Matty707
    Discord: https://discord.gg/u2gk9K
    Forum thread: https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/meridian-corporation-m-corp.3693/
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    When your balance alone is higher then the value of the lowest 4 on the list
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    I keep forgetting to fill this damn thing out lol
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    I don't really know any of these companies but congratulations to all of them. As a fellow business owner, I know how much work it takes to build up a business from the bottom.
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