Hiring Gay Cafe


  • Company Name - Gay Cafe
  • Company Owner - Vican_24
  • HQ Location - Troutman (Take the bus, take a right, head down the road)
Our company focuses on building a safe zone for the LGBTQ+ community. For us, that safe zone is the Gay Cafe. At the cafe, we sell crop products for you to snack on while you talk to your friends! We're also hoping to sell beverages and meals! We provide tables for players to hang out at one on one, a group of four, or even a big table with a private room that you can rent out, which holds 6 to 8 people (for 30 minutes) in our Wilderness 4 Cafe! The Gay Cafe is simply here as a hang out spot to get closer to your friends, and to sit down with them and snack! If you don't feel like hanging out in our cafe but would love to have some food, we take custom orders! You can place orders inside of our HQ in Troutman, and can pick up your order at any specified cafe location!
  • Current Staff- DebbyMinerDM (Manager)
  • Currently Hiring brewers and chefs for employee spots. There will be an application to fill out on our discord server.
  • Current Cafe Locations - Warp to Wilderness 4 (take a left from the spawn), Troutman, T-Mall (3rd floor)
Job Information:
- As for wage, we're looking for employees that would fill a double chest (each employee will get their own double chest locker) of needed items (would be assigned from our discord server) for a wage of around 250kr/week
- Brewers, we are looking for beverages such as teas, coffees, milkshakes, lemonades and alcoholic drinks
- Chefs, we are looking for foods such as burgers, sandwiches, donuts, salads, muffins, tacos, sushi, cherry pies and oreos! We are also looking for all of the chef beverages! (We would distribute who would get what, each chef would NOT have to get all of this each week, don't worry!)
- Each employee will be stocking for ONE store, a single employee doesn't have to support every store! That same store will also be where that players' locker is.

If you have any questions, mail or msg Vican_24 or DebbyMinerDM on BusinessCraft, or ask us on our discord server! : Gay Cafe
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