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    Diseases can be caught in various ways, e.g. you can get a Fleshwound if you hit objects with your bare hands. These diseases come with various different effects, like slowness or nausea. There are contagious diseases that can be transmitted from player to player as well as some that can be caught from mobs.

    This guide will explain how diseases work and how you can get treatment for them.

    1. You can check your own health status with /health


    A temperature around 0 is normal. It rises if you are in hot areas or close to heat sources, e.g. lava, and sinks if you are in cold areas, e.g. a snow biome. If you get sick, the disease or injury you have will be in the diagnosis field. You will also get a message in the chat, telling you what happened to you.



    2. You can find information about all diseases with the commands /disease list and /disease info <disease name>. You can use /disease remedy list and /disease remedy info <remedyname>



    3. If you get sick, you can go to the hospital to get treated by a doctor.

    - The hospital is located close to spawn. You just leave the spawn Building and turn right. There is an Ambulance in front of the entrance that can help you find it. You can also use the Dynmap to locate the Hospital.

    - Click the sign at the reception desk in the waiting area to alert all doctors that you need medical attention. A doctor will come and either treat you with the remedy itself, or give you a potion to drink. The remedies can only be crafted by doctors. I there are no doctors available you will have to wait until one comes online.


    - The cost of the treatment depends on the doctor. It cannot exceed the maximum of the supply cost for the remedies you need + 10, however.

    The current cost of supplies for the remedies are:
    Splint = 1.5 Krunas
    Bandage = 2 Krunas
    Warm Gel = 9.5 Krunas
    Soothing Potion = 1.5 Krunas
    Bitterwort = 5.75 Krunas
    Blackbrew = 5.25 Krunas
    Brightwater = 2.75 Krunas
    Lycanpotion = 3.5 Krunas
    Smoothwater = 3.75 Krunas
    Sweetwort = 2.5 Krunas
    Sweetbrine = 3.5 Krunas

    So the maximum cost a doctor can charge you for healing a Fleshwound is 12 Krunas (2 + 10).

    4. There is a Phramacy for the most commonly needed Remedies.


    Here you can buy Leg splints, Bandages, Soothing Potions and Warm Gel to take with you when you go mining and exploring. They are slightly more expensive than getting the same treatment from a doctor. You can use all of these on yourself by right clicking them or eating/drinking them. If the Phramacy should be out of Stock, please inform any Doctor who is online or write a /mail to MariChally.
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    This post is a tad outdated (by nearly two years wow!) so here is an updated supply cost list (if any other doctors want to check my math feel free to do so!!)

    The current cost of supplies for the remedies are:

    Splint = 3 Krunas
    Bandage = 2 Krunas
    Warm Gel = 9.5 Krunas
    Soothing Potion = 1.5 Krunas
    Bitterwort = 5.5 Krunas
    Blackbrew = 4.75 Krunas
    Brightwater = 2.75 Krunas
    Lycanpotion = 3.25 Krunas
    Smoothwater = 3.25 Krunas
    Sweetwort = 2.25 Krunas
    Sweetbrine = 3 Krunas

    (These costs are in accordance to the stock room prices available to doctors)

    *Pharmacy prices are not supply costs, i.e you cannot buy a splint (for 15 krunas from the pharmacy) and charge 25 krunas for it. The pharmacy is for players to get the common cures when doctors aren’t online not for doctors to buy and resell at a higher value than it’s worth. Please use the materials/cures in the stock room to cure patients.*
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