Government Cabinet Reports [February 2024]


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Minister of Public Affairs
Minister of Internal Development
Department of Agriculture
Department of Internal Development
Department of Public Affairs
Department of Construction
Mayor of Ocean City
Public Affairs Minister
Dept. of State: Minister Ryan_88

Department Progress
The Department completed the internal department of state election calendar for the next 20 years (aka known as Project Windsor). We have created an Approval Ratings and Census poll to be released soon for the month of February. We continue to evaluable department policies to conduct efficient elections.

Upcoming Projects
Nothing because of elections.

Additional Notes
Is there anything else you'd like the public to know?

Dept. of Economy: Minister Poemhunter

Department Progress
The month of February has seen some amazing work done by the Department of Economy. We have re arranged and make a better cleaner system on forums for the public to assess from business registrations to banking. The new layout is much more productive and easier to work in.

This month I released the first new stage of Banking with the PBRA. This new first stage is a gate way into the banking arena. Not only will these registered banks get access to the commands but they can advertised as an official bank. This also is vital for getting the stage 2 of banking approval by the Government and ensuring ultra safe and secure bank. Overall this will help regulate and help citizen choosing player run banks and keeping there money safe from any potential problems.

Another great achievement this month was the international trade mission and then further. on to this the Engineer shop. This scheme is to help bring new items too stratham for decoration and purchase. These items will be specially crafted via the contracted company and will bring in new items on shipments. Springing from this includes the Government Engineer tender shop. This was carefully designed to ensure that we are acquiring rare to extremely rare items for technology use. These items can only be made from the engineer job and will help in our trade mission to bring new and exclusive items.

In keeping to one of my election pledges, I have cut government salaries. This was a committed task to ensure that government isn't a free ride to the gravy train and to install in us that we are servants not masters. The pay rise to government officials was not a needed or required thing and we are proud to make the changes to give a more than fair salary for the job we do.

We also established the "Do not call registry". This is a documented list of players who want to reframe from direct messaging of advertisements. It is now a public list for anyone to join and be added too and ensure that they are not spammed or unwontedly messaged about advertisements.

In an effort to help both older players and new in our new map, I increased the grants amount. Government business grants have been raised from 7,500kr to 10,000kr. This will be a massive step to helping players grow and build there companies. Along with this I increased the start up company grant from 10,000kr to 15,000kr but not stopping there for any new player trying to get set up in trader jobs and business I extended the applying amount to a max of 17,500kr. It is a firm belief of mine to help business thrive and in the Department of Economy that is what we aim to do. I also have took the crucial action to bring in a new the of grant called the Right to buy a home grant. This new grant is to help players get onto the property market and buy a home in our brand new capital. This will help not just new players but older players seeking to make a committed residential area and bringing a max amount of 10,000kr.

Upcoming Projects
- Business bus icon idea follow up with staff from arrwy
- CIA Re work for stage two of banking
- Job change time cap
- Idea of removal of repair sign create a new industry
- New ways of moving money around the economy

Additional Notes
Join the DoE if you have a true passion in this servers economic growth, as well as improving exam jobs and player experience on this server!

Dept. of Justice: Minister Topte

Department Progress

- Hired 4 new Trainee Officers
- This is more me in the DoID but a little work has been done on the prison
- Working on a guide for training (Space)

Upcoming Projects
- Streamline training and promotion procedures
- Arresting GUI
- Completing the Prison

Additional Notes
Apply for trainee officer

Dept. of Public Affairs: Minister Lunel

Department Progress

This past month we had our valentines event, Find My Match, which was set up by Micki (Fluffy and I helped with the DoPA park build). It saw a total of 15 participants who were all mailed their gift shulker.

While we did not have many events aside from Find My match (since I and many CC’s had a lot of stuff going on irl and needed a break), we still worked on player retention through our player run tours, so I’d like to thank our community coordinators for taking the time to do tours, and keep up the good work!

We’ll be working to have the events we have ready hosted this month/early April to make up for the sparsity of events, with a minimum of 1 event required from each CC.

Tutorial completions: 341
Tours requested: 55
Tours completed: 19

Upcoming Projects
Like mentioned above, we’ll be working towards hosting more events this month and the next. Keep an eye out for events such as a cooking event, red light green light, racing around the new map, pics with pets, business weekend, and many more!
Additional Information:

Additional Notes
Sign up for events! Community coordinators work really hard on them and they’re a fun way to engage with the community. And if there are any events you’d like to see, let us know in the DoPA discord!

Dept. of Internal Development: Minister Mickichu

Department Progress
Worked through the project list given by the Prime Minister and assigned these among the Constructors and interns. Have been checking in with the team for progress and offered support where they need. These are slow moving due to irl circumstances of most of the construction team.

Set up Julio, (the animal shelter NPC) with a wider variety of pets for players to buy. Due to shelter bans and tracking of adoptions, we have had to move Julio away from public reach. However, players can still request to buy one of these new pets from a Ranger.

A lot of updates needed on guides; property inspector guide, guides for senior team, ranger guide, etc. Not all complete but have worked and completed most of these.

We have a list of prices from the Farm Shop and NFS, and have compared these with other player prices so that we can amend our prices to better suit other player businesses.

Worked on a new map highlighting the height restrictions and themes of builds around the Capital city and will post this on forums once complete, to avoid confusion from players.

Updated Ranger work and reports they complete via forums; updating the format and pay on these, as there was a much needed pay increase for these jobs Rangers complete. I have also worked on a pay guide for Senior Rangers to be able to pay Rangers and Landscapers - this will help future Senior Rangers and DoID Ministers.

We also cleared all animal abuse reports so that we could start fresh and ensure these are being done correctly following the new clear format/guide I have made.

Upcoming Projects
New pets....

Adjustments to animal shelter to improve department work and help when Rangers do adoptions.

Working on new laws for the department - pi's, construction and agriculture side.

Builds :>

Additional Notes
Apply for Construction Intern if you have always wanted to grow and improve your construction skills. If you enjoy the wild/nature side of the server, apply for Ranger and help maintain our Nations natural beauty!! Or, if you're not wanting too much responsibilities, take the Landscaper exam at the university -> be sure to join the DoID discord if you do. Oh, and don't forget Property Inspector - help clear inactive players from plots to make room for active players to have the chance of growing!