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    Some things need explaining, some day I might leave the server without a goodbye post and I have reasons for that. I do plan on making an actual goodbye post if things dont happen, but if they do, I want some peopele to have closure.

    First of all, if any fucking staff member deletes this god damn post because of this documents name Im gonna flip my motherfucking shit on everyone. Read it before deleting, its not meant to slander, just for BC history:

    my will:
    if you cant open it for some reason, will paste.

    "Incase shit gets deleted, or people dont wanna follow up and ignore my request when I leave.

    If these people haven't already left the server or plan on coming back:

    If I died/injured to the point I wont come back (contact oven first): I want my stuff given away

    I just leave: I want it ALL vaulted. Everything.


    If one of these people leave, get banned, etc., pass it to the next person.

    Eatmyoven- you get my warehouse and and apartments right next to my garden center. You also get any wild regions I have.

    ReaperEduardo- you get my opium den and the apartments above it near the park, along with my bar in Westridge.

    Travvyy- you get my fight arena along with the garden center on top, along with whatever fukcing mansion I have at the moment in suburbs.

    I want my balance dispersed between the people listed below, or to a lucky player with a play time above 72 hours and we know will come back.

    If above people get banned or shit happens give to these people: Gettnate, redfr0st, Citrus, Sharkie, dani, matty, Mrs.Pill, georgia, corax, grass

    Sorry this is short and dumb and a mess, Im tired and have burtn jelly on the bottom of my fingers."

    *I have total freedom to edit these documents until I either never come back, or make a goodybye post.
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    Aha! I got mentioned in the goodbye post! I feel speshul now :). But seriously, we've had our ups and downs over the years and if you ever leave, you will be missed.
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    fhlown I don't really know you that well but know that there are a lot of people who love and care about you